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Martha Kröger

0049 157 3033 1903



I have set up my home between spaces, between worlds, between cultures, generations and languages. In search of the in-between. Born into the fall of 1988 in Berlin  so laid the foundation for my dance between the worlds. Understanding for me was more than  the spoken word, I've always been looking for a means of expression, for something that can be experienced with the senses, that which cannot be said, that which connects.

»To express.
To transfer.
To get in Contact.«


I started telling stories very early on, using every means available to me. Even back then, when I was 2 or 3 years old, I didn't make any distinction between verbal and non-verbal forms of expression. main thing out. To express. To transfer. Contact.

This love of creativity led to early classical ballet lessons, musical education and later piano lessons. Nevertheless, my hands continued to work tirelessly, they formed, described, fantasized, used materials to spin, discover and create something new again and again. The creative intuitive world seemed more conclusive to me than the rational cognitive world.

From the ballet it went on to the theater and circus. I was fascinated by Augosto Boal's Theater of the Oppressed and its social reappraisal and the resulting opportunity to stimulate change with creativity. After graduating from high school, I went out into the wide world to Israel and Palestine and Nicaragua for my first trips and a voluntary social year. Back in Germany dance became movement and I never got enough. Acrobatics, pantomime, contemporary dance, mask theater, music I swam in a potpourri of theatrical styles and influences and began to bring my body onto the stage and to work, play, connect with the bodies of others. A decade later I have a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Theater and a Masters in Dance and Movement Therapy  closed. 

Martha Kroeger, 1988



Universidad Autónoma, Barcelona - Masters in Dance and Movement Therapy

2017 -2021

Scuola Teatro Dimitri, Verscio - Bachelor's degree in Physical Theatre

2011 - 2014

The floor, school for performing arts, Berlin - pantomime training

2009 - 2011



Ballet, Contemporary, Contact Improvisation, Flying Low, Gaga Movement Language, Laban Notation.  Partnering, acrobatic dance, aerial dance, Arial-Silk/Hoop/Trapeze, yoga, tango, movement theatre, Commedia dell'Arte, mask play, butoh, theater of the oppressed, improvisation and language, pantomime,  


Mezzo-soprano, piano, accordion

bouldering, climbing



German (mother tongue) English (very good) Italian (very good) Spanish (very good) French (basic knowledge)



2021 #TakeCare Individual Funding

2021 Restart Culture - GVL Scholarship

2022 Dis dance solo

2022 #TakHeart process promotion

Since 2014 I have been working as a freelance artist for body, dance and movement practice with a focus on my work in Berlin. My focus and means of expression are the body, movement, the perfection of various techniques in order to find interdisciplinary and cross-cultural forms of expression, to make communication possible to find avoidable impossible spots and places
be built on the bridges. 

The work alternates between independent productions and the founding of various companies or projects and temporary as well as permanent engagements as an ensemble member and artist in various productions. Pedagogical and socially committed work with the help of dance, movement and theatrical forms of expression are an integral part of my work.

»Auf der Suche,
nach dem

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