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premiere 08.09.2021,

Theater in the Delphi Berlin  Duration 2h

With and by Martha Kröger, Angela Lamprianidou, Faustino Blanchut, Marine Madelin, McKinley Moore, David Ristau, Franzi Aller (double bass, e-bass),

Felix Demeyere (drums)

Director: Selina Thuring

Composition: Juri de Marco

Libretto: Debo Koetting

Stage/Costume: Anna Brotánková


The Body Memory Opera

The opera as an independent organism, a body whose scream creates a direct line with the Big Bang. Inscribed in it is memory, one's own, that of our environment and of human history, asking: Do we even want to be who we have become?

Man is not born out of nothing. He and his (environmental) world are part of an ancient gene and evolutionary chain that is always in motion and developing, and at the same time a temporary but important element of the future. The bodies contain not only the memories of personal experience, but also those of this long journey. THE BODY MEMORY OPERA would like to give these memories space and thus ask the question whether we still want to be who we have become? An independent organism should be created, which contains the body, fans it out in detail and lets it speak.

In search of the origin of what drives our body, the hierarchies of composition, libretto, direction, stage and ensemble are broken and new connections are made between bodies, artists and science.


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