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Mentoring, an accompaniment of creative processes.


outside eye,


process support

  • Support for work processes and piece development

  • Further development of group dynamics and structures

  • New creative tools

  • Detailed work on timing, expression, rhythm, chorography, musicality


"I had the fortune to collaborate with Martha while preparing a performance around my migration experience from Mexico to Barcelona. She had a sensitive presence, giving me the space to hear myself and to experiment whilst at the same time proposing me to go deeper in what I wanted to express. Although it was a very intimate and political performance, I always felt comfortable with her gaze. She always was a supportive ally helping me to embody and give creative way out to my feelings and thoughts. Definitely the process of composition was much richer with her inputs, she is a creative soul and has a sensitive eye.”  


(Daniela, activist, dancer, performer, therapist)

»A piece development is a kind of treasure hunt and incredibly intimate. Above all, I remember the energy with which Martha supported us so that we felt safe and free. Due to the current situation, Martha accompanied our rehearsal process partly via zoom and partly live in the studio. Despite the physical distance, she was able to get to grips with the scene and, if necessary, fed us with supporting tasks or stimulating questions. Her eye for detail was particularly helpful during the final rehearsal phase.«

(Laura and Paula, dancers)

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