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Concept and performance:
Laura Saumweber, Martha Kröger

duration 15 min  

Premiere: November 26, 2020 Barcelona


Media: contweedancecollective


Malau is a dance theater duo that explores the concepts of togetherness and unconditional support in a very playful way, mainly in public space.

A white fabric stands for the desire for freedom on the one hand and limitation on the other and leads the two dancers to different moments of encounter with each other and with the audience. This short piece was originally created for the "International Day Against Violence" which is celebrated every year with a special event at the Center Cívic Drassanes community center in the Raval district of Barcelona. In this area there is a very large diversity of people with different cultural and social backgrounds. Later, Malau was adapted to work with Raíces del Mundo, a club event for parties and nightlife in Barcelona and the alternative art market Urban Art & Music/ artistas emergentes.

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