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»Anyone can dance.«
(Rudolph Laban)


The Laban notation (that of Rudolph Laban
discovered in 1928 as a way of writing dance choreography like a musical score) provides an understanding of the "body moving in space". Movement becomes more tangible, patterns visible, comfort zones clear. Movement, body and interaction can be analyzed and decoded. Unconscious repertoire is made visible and new movement material is developed. 


Various dance, expression and improvisation techniques* can be used to work abstractly with dance techniques and to give space to the interpretation of figures and themes. This is done with the help of guided improvisation, solo work and in groups/duets. As awareness and mastery of the new language increases, more choreographic tools become available. In this way we can "gradually" find our way to ourselves and the group and get involved in what moves us and what we want to move.


*contemporary dance | Contact Improvisation | tango | Acrobatics | body expression | pantomime | Ballet | Yoga | Body Mind Centering | Partnering | Theater of the Oppressed

Dance is communication.

The body is the mouth.

Movement is language.

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