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»Dance movement therapy focuses on experiencing movement and how movement makes sense.«

(Sharon Chaiklin & Hilda Wengrover)


Dance and Movement Therapy

Dance and movement therapy is a psychodynamic therapy method and also enables diagnostics. The body and movement are just as important as the relationship between therapist and patient:

  • Help and tool to perceive the body as home and resource

  • Dealing with changes in physicality due to operations, accidents, age, etc.

  • Accompaniment of transition processes such as grief, separation, change

  • The search for a different approach to the topic of therapy or accompanying purely verbal therapies


  • Dealing with strong feelings such as blockage, helplessness, conflict

  • Search for means of expression, access and connection of body and mind

  • Understanding in one another, space of experience

  • Individual sessions, small
    (up to 12 people) and large groups
    (from 12 people), families or couple therapies are possible

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